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Hand in hand to create tomorrow

- Puyang City, Pei Cunfu, chairman of new Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Review the course of many years of entrepreneurial development, we to the quality of supporting products, the credibility of the market support, personnel support enterprise innovation, support the future, through active exploration and unremitting efforts, has now developed become a production, research and development, sales of carbon 5 petroleum resin modern large-scale petrochemical enterprises.

China's accession to the WTO has brought new opportunities and challenges, in this case, adapt to the new situation, design a new blueprint, strengthen team construction, optimize the product structure, the strong pillar industries, strengthening the management of enterprises, expand new areas is Yu news Petrochemical new development direction.

We will continue to adhering to the "Hang Shun business, social commitment," the business purpose, to first-class quality and perfect service to survive, rely on scientific and technological progress and management innovation to promote development, and gradually build into a "standardized management, scientific management and efficient operation" good economic and social benefits for the modernization of enterprises.

Today, the new Henan Petrochemical is full of passion, a new look to the face of society, for the future. We would like to make friends, xiancai. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants and friends from all walks of life to the new Yu Petrochemical guest, guidance, negotiation and cooperation. Common development, create tomorrow!

Through rough and stormy. Shouldering the responsibility of economic development, bearing in mind the idea for the benefit of society, in the spring tide of market economy, Yuxin Petrochemical continuous innovation, continuous development and improvement, to honesty and trustworthiness, cooperation and win-win principle, with friends from all walks of life with the mian together and common development.

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